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Would you know what to do after a storm?

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

piles of furniture after flood Storm damage is often a combination of storms and flooding

Are you prepared?

September is National Preparedness Month, a time we promote family and community disaster and emergency planning.

At SERVPRO of Lawton, we see storm and disaster damage all too frequently. We actually meet our customers at the worst possible time in their lives, and we're here to help restore their homes and businesses.

You can help minimize the trauma of storm damage by being prepared and making a plan.

Do you have enough insurance? Do you need flood insurance? Have you taken pictures and documented all your personal property? Where will you go if you have to evacuate?

Talk to your family and friends. Tailor your plans and supplies to your specific daily living needs and responsibilities. Discuss your needs and responsibilities and how people in the network can assist each other with communication, care of children, business, pets, or specific needs like the operation of durable medical equipment.

Be prepared for what might happen. Be Ready.

And if you need help, call on the professionals whose training and compassion have helped hundreds of families restore order to their lives.

Call SERVPRO of Lawton at 580-699-2662.





Is your pet ready for storms and disasters?

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

chihuahua with bandana What's good for you is good for your pet. Be Prepared, Not Scared of storm season.

September is National Preparedness month. You've checked your kits, and your insurance.

Is your pet ready?

During a disaster what’s good for you is good for your pet, so get them ready today.

If you leave your pets behind, they may be lost, injured – or worse. Never leave a pet chained outdoors. Plan options include:

  • Create a buddy system in case you’re not home. Ask a trusted neighbor to check on your animals.
  • Identify shelters. For public health reasons, many emergency shelters cannot accept pets.
    • Find pet friendly hotels along your evacuation route and keep a list in your pet’s emergency kit.
    • Locate boarding facilities or animal hospitals near your evacuation shelter.
    • Consider an out-of-town friend or relative
  • Locate a veterinarian or animal hospital in the area where you may be seeking temporary shelter, in case your pet needs medical care. Add the contact information to your emergency kit.
  • Have your pet microchipped and make sure that you not only keep your address and phone number up-to-date, but that you also include contact info for an emergency contact outside of your immediate area.
  • Call your local emergency management office, animal shelter or animal control office to get advice and information.
  • If you are unable to return to your home right away, you may need to board your pet. Find out where pet boarding facilities are located.
  • Most boarding kennels, veterinarians and animal shelters will need your pet's medical records to make sure all vaccinations are current.
  • If you have no alternative but to leave your pet at home, there are some precautions you must take, but remember that leaving your pet at home alone can place your animal in great danger!

Need help after storm damage? Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lawton.


Nominate a Texoma First Responder

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

football with text SERVPRO of Lawton proudly supports First Responders!

SERVPRO of Lawton is honored to support our Texoma First Responders, and needs your help nominating a hero to be recognized on ESPN!

Please share a department approved photo and the reason you believe this First Responder is a hero. We will submit all entries to our corporate office for selection, and we want a Texoma hero featured in one of ten bowl games or a chance for this individual to appear in our SERVPRO First Responders Bowl Game on December 30th in Dallas!

**Please share this post and submit entries to by September 24th!

SERVPRO of Lawton has already partnered with our area First Responders and provided them with free 24 hour emergency kits for distribution to area residents in need.

Please help us honor their service!

Priority reconnection after the storm

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

bare wall studs after flooding Gutted home still has access to priority utility reconnection after a storm.

Your SERVPRO of Lawton team of professionals is part of a national SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team, and have helped hundreds of families recover from losses from hurricanes and localized flooding.

One key element you should have in place is a emergency response plan for your family.

This includes a plan for your pets, medications, lodging and emergency power.

This is very important for individuals who require electrical medical equipment. It's always best to have a backup power source for the short term while waiting on the power company to restore power.

"Contact your water and power companies to get on a “priority reconnection service” list of power-dependent customers if you rely on electrical medical equipment. #PrepareNow" -

FREE Emergency Ready Profiles to keep you safe

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

two women outside using wrench to shut off water Be Prepared! Know the location of utility shut off valves.

Do you know how to turn off your utilities in an emergency? Do you know where your shut off valves are for gas and electricity?

Millions of Americans don't, and they are constantly in the path of storms.

Did you know SERVPRO of Lawton offers FREE Emergency Ready Profiles? These profiles contain photos and descriptions of all utility shut-offs, emergency phone numbers, insurance information and more.

These profiles are presented both in hardcopy and digital, so you will always have the information on hand. 

SERVPRO of Lawton partners with area First Responders to help you and your family stay safe before, during and after a storm.

Need help? Call us today at 580-699-2662.

We offer upholstery, carpet and drapery cleaning!

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Technician cleaning white couch Professional cleaning for your home or business

Cleaning curtains is one of those household chores that people put off for years. The hassle of taking them down, finding a dry cleaner, then hanging them back up is more work than most of us have time for.

Did you know most curtains are made of woven fabrics that gather dust, pet hair, and dander — even mold spores?

Over time, these things accumulate, and your window treatments start to look dingy. Some fabrics require minimal care while others, like embroidered or brocade patterns with layers and linings, require professional cleaning.

SERVPRO of Lawton offers a variety of cleaning options for your home or business, including on-site cleaning to minimize interruption.

Trust the certified professionals at SERVPRO of Lawton for all your carpet, upholstery, draperies and blinds.   

Creating community partnerships for our First Responders

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Bottled water for fire fighters Water donated by SERVPRO of Lawton and Sparkletts benefits area fire fighters.

SERVPRO of Lawton has partnered with local businesses to support our area First Responders.

We are providing emergency kits to our First Responders so that they can distribute them to residents in need.

Oftentimes, when fire destroys a home, the family is left with nothing except the clothes on their backs. These kits offer them a lifeline, knowing their basic needs are provided for until help arrives.

These kits include shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a comb, tylenol and advil, protein bar, notepads and pens, coloring books and crayons, stuffed animals, bandaids and more.

Sparkletts Water also joined us in delivering a palette of bottled water to Comanche Country Emergency Management for distribution to area fire fighters!

SERVPRO of Lawton would like to thank:

CASA of Southwest Oklahoma

Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Farmers Insurance Angela Schertle

Good Vibes Nutrition Center

97.9 JAMZ

Sparkletts Water

WellFast Urgent Care

for their help in providing the emergency kits to our First Responders!

Chamber Redcoats at Hilton Garden Inn

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

Three ladies in red coats welcome meeting attendees Lawton Chamber Redcoats welcome attendees at recent event.

SERVPRO of Lawton is a proud member of the Lawton Ft. Sill Chamber of Commerce!

"The Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce is a strong, action-oriented organization.  Over 800 investors work through the Chamber to advance economic growth.  The Chamber asserts a leadership role in the development of increased business and tourism opportunities, the unification of our military and business community, the advancement of a pro-business legislative agenda, and in the promotion of community enrichment."

As part of our membership in the Chamber and in support of the City of Lawton, our marketing representative, Denise Henry, is a Redcoat Ambassador.

Denise works with other Redcoats and Chamber members to grow the community and the regions economic base.

#redcoats #lawtonproud #SERVPRO

Water leak wrecks havoc on family home

9/4/2019 (Permalink)

Green equipment dries wet carpet SERVPRO of Lawton uses the science of drying to ensure your home is truly dry.

SERVPRO of Lawton received a call from a customer who discovered the bathroom plumbing had been leaking all night, leaving adjacent area floors soaked with water.

Our highly trained technicians arrived on site and immediately began extracting water and setting equipment to begin the drying process.

Holes were drilled in kitchen cabinetry to allow air flow under the cabinets and assist in the drying process.

Dehumidifiers were also set throughout the home to remove water from the air, allowing our air movers to dry more efficiently.

And our technicians carefully monitored and re-positioned equipment as needed to ensure this home reached a SERVPRO level of dry.

Our highly trained technicians use our scientific process to achieve a true, healthy level of dry in all areas.

Water damage? Our "faster to any size disaster" response helps mitigate damage and prevent secondary damage such as mold.

Need help? Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Lawton at 580-699-2662.

Cigarette smoke and unclean air? Make it disappear with help from SERVPRO of Lawton!

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

green box and orange 5 gallon bucket on kitchen counter Bad odors, germs and unclean can be safely removed with our Photocatalytic Hydroxl Generator.

Whenever odors are present, germs are in the air, or you want to clean and purify the air, call SERVPRO of Lawton!

Why SERVPRO? Because bad odors, germs and unclean air don't stand a chance against our Photocatalytic Hydroxl Generator!

This high tech device safely removes odors, kills germs and cleans the air.

We recommend this treatment because it's ideal for use in apartment complexes, casinos, hospitals and commercial settings and can safely be used while your facility is occupied!

How does it work? UVA rays emitted from a TiO2 photocatalytic lamp pass through the anatase -coated reactor sleeve, forming electron hole pairs that react with H2O and O2 in the air. These form hydroxyl radicals that, when dispersed by a fan, decompose organic and inorganic gases and air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water.

Curious? Call us for more information or a free local estimate! SERVPRO of Lawton, 580-699-2662.