Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

When you want it clean, you want it SERVPRO clean!

Why SERVPRO?SERVPRO of Lawton was contacted by a realtor needing a thorough home cleaning so she could sell the property. Our team inspected the home and noted ... READ MORE

Who's preaching to the choir?

Have you ever wondered what "preaching to the choir" means? If you say that someone is preaching to the choir, you mean that they are presenting an argument or ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO? Because Corporate is coming to visit.

Why choose SERVPRO of Lawton? Because thunderstorms left the parking lot looking like a muddy field. And, because Corporate just called and said they are sendin... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO? Because you have a business to operate.

Why call SERVPRO of Lawton? Because if you're a CPA during tax season, and you've just discovered your entire office is flooded with water, you need help NOW!On... READ MORE

Why call SERVPRO? Because we answer your call 24/7!

SERVPRO of Lawton takes care of you and your church home, allowing you to take care of your congregation. When storms and floodwaters damaged this church, they ... READ MORE

Pet hair can't hide from SERVPRO of Lawton!

Pet hair can get anywhere. Under and in appliances. Inside your air ducts and fireplace inserts. But it can't hide from our professionally technicians who thoro... READ MORE